Islands Islands Islands Islands Islands

multi-element installation with full HD video (5' / loop)
size: depends on space, 50 elements
materials: recycled cellulose, natural minerals, castor oil, ink, oceanic water

In the Islands project, Mydlak narrates a story of a picturesque landscape and an ostensible sense of security.
The handcrafted paper utilized in the project was created by repeatedly immersing recycled cellulose in polluted ocean water over extended periods.
These submersions were carried out in areas that were deemed unsuitable for swimming due to the risk of drowning and water contamination, as depicted in the accompanying video.

The resulting paper structures showcased in the project comprise layers of oil, natural minerals, black pigment, salt, and ink, among other substances.
These intricate formations reflect the complex interplay between the natural environment and the impact of human activity, particularly in areas where the dichotomy between beauty and pollution is most pronounced.
The Islands project is a reminder of the delicate balance between the natural world and human progress, and the need to approach our relationship with the environment with greater sensitivity and care.

Installation created during Artistic Residency at Pier-2 Art Center / 2018 / Kaohsiung City, Taiwan R.O.C.

More information:
反覆性的藝術創作行為:OCD─Taiwan & Polish Artists Exhibition