'A healing illusion' / project by Barbara Mydlak (PL) and Yann Deval (FR)

Series of over 100 'Sent unsent letters' objects by Barbara Mydlak and musical compositions composed by Yann Deval in creation from April 2020 and still in progress.
Together, they try to find communication tools to build the dialogue beyond words by creating material questions and musical answers, or vice versa.

Interdisciplinary installation with objects, music, projections /

'Sent unsent letters' objects / recycled paper, kozo fibres, ink, sugar, own technique
Max. size of one object: 22x32 cm

Musical compositions (used in the video): 'Bouleversements', 'Boussoles'
Upright piano, accordion, electric bass, electric guitar ebow, kick drum, eggs, harmonica, tibetan bowl, glockenspiel, moog synthesizer

Video with music / 12':

Artworks, photography: Barbara Mydlak
Musical compositions, editing: Yann Deval

"(...) Using kozo fibres, recycled fibres, ink and sugar, Mydlak’s work has tremendous depth and power. It has a beautiful texture and rhythm. It is emotionally charged. If we stand back, the relief of each sheet of paper appears like a map before us. If we look more closely, the irregular surface gives the viewer the impression that we are looking at precious ancient relics. Only fragments of the script are visible. Could it be a forgotten language? The viewer is left with a sense of loss, with the feeling that there is so much that we do not understand."

(...) 運用構樹纖維、回收纖維、油墨與糖,米德拉克的作品具有驚人深度與力量。此外更擁有美麗的質感及韻律;充滿情感。倘若我們後退一步,會發現每張紙上的浮雕彷彿眼前的地圖。湊上前看,不規則表面則讓觀者以為,我們注視的是莫非是珍貴的古代浮雕。眼前得見的,只是斷簡殘篇。是某種被遺忘的語言嗎?觀者終究空餘失落,心知還有許多超越我們的理解。

Text by Isis Olivier